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TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System

official group: TYPO3 CMS is the most widely used Enterprise CMS, providing the basis for websites, intranets and web & mobile app.

Julian Böhm TYPO3 v9 LTS - What’s New Slides
#TYPO3 v9 LTS - What’s New Slides - The most important new features, changes and improvements. Release day: Tomorrow, October 2nd! #TYPO3LTS
Sanjay Chauhan Woo-Hoo! #Celebration_Time
We will celebrate two special moments TYPO3 9 (icon of CMS) release party + Gandhi Jayanti (icon of India). There will be lots of fun with the Cake cutting, Talks, Fun & Food.
Join us or set your release party at #TYPO3LTS #Gandhi_Janati #TYPO3
Julian Böhm TYPO3 v9 Release Material
Two #TYPO3 presentations are coming soon, which you can use at #TYPO3LTS Release Parties. One long, the other short. On Monday, 1 October 2018, the presentations will be available for download on

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