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Elmer Lenzen Webinarreihe Praxisworkshop Nachhaltigkeitsbericht
Liebe Gruppenmitglieder,
das CSR-Nachrichtenportal UmweltDialog plant ab September eine kostenfreie Webinarreihe zum „Praxisworkshop Nachhaltigkeitsbericht – Pflichten, Zweifelsfragen, Tipps und Handreichungen für Anwender der CSR-Richtlinie“.
Haben Sie dazu Ideen, Vorschläge, Wünsche, welche Inhalte Sie in einer solchen Webinarreihe gerne hören möchten? Haben Sie Vorschläge für Referent_innen? Her damit!
Ich freu mich auf Ihr Input! Kommentieren Sie das gern hier in der Runde oder mailen Sie mir doch bitte an!
herzlich grüßt Ihr Elmer Lenzen
Elmer Lenzen Georg Kell im Interview: „Der Global Compact wird zur transformativen Initiative“
Guten Tag!
Ich möchte gerne auf ein spannendes Interview mit Georg Kell hinweisen, dass online zugänglich ist:
Umwelt- und Sozialfragen haben aktuell auf der weltpolitischen Bühne eine schweren Stand. Das hat der UN-Gipfel in Rio überdeutlich gezeigt. Doch das ändert nichts daran, dass die Probleme drängender werden und Antworten gefunden werden müssen. Der Global Compact als weltweit wichtigste Initiative für unternehmerische Verantwortung kann hier eine Führungsrolle übernehmen. Doch in welchem Maß kann Wirtschaft da einspringen, wo Politik versagt? Und reicht die Kraft des Global Compact, wirklich Markt-verändernden Impulse zu geben? Wir sprachen darüber mit UN Global Compact Executive Director Georg Kell.
Steve Dufourny Hello ,I am presenting me and my theory .
Hi to all,
I am presenting me ,Steve Dufourny,33 years old ,Human on Earth
How am I arrived at this conclusion and what means exactly the Spherization Theory that I invented several years ago.
The Spherization Theory does not limit itself to any ideas or details butto the wole and the globality .If the Spherization Theory is accepted, it will be the theory of the big unification.
All the domains have been studied and put in correlation with the spherization, roughly there isn't only the astronomy which shows us the spherization, stars, planets are spheres but the spherization, it is more.
I always asked me this question from the age of 15 years, but how the elementary particles know that they have to become in time and in space.
I had physics classes at the school and I tried to understand.
I admit you when I was 15 years old I looked for my way, I began to read a little of everything, and I continued to look.
I Have classified animals, plants, minerals, it is there that myapssion for the botany and the horticulture became more important.
Years passed, I began classifying everything, proteins, atoms, molecules, amino acids,..... I tried to understand the links.
The elementary particles are fascinating, at about 22 years old I called it, the Theory of points, I imagined these ultimate elementary particles or ultimate particle, the polarized creations were group of these particles with sluggish different densities and in movement .
It is there that I realized that the mass and the polarization with a certain intrinsic code were fundamental laws.
At about 29 years old I had the click by continuing to look for the links .When I classified hominids and by studying the elementary particles and the astronomy, I realized the spherization as universal harmony and well-balanced fundamental laws. I studied leptons, baryons, mesons, quarks,muons,fermions,.....
And I am saying me.... the sphere is the perfect balance of the strengths and the well-balanced perfect form, by looking the form of the hemispheroids of the human brain in the time..., planets, stars it is there that it becomes interesting from a unified point of view, there was for me no reason so that the elementary particles are others than spheres and coded spheroids
I was enough surprised to encircle,to understand this well-balanced logic . Small coded spheres ordering in the time and in the space spheroidal states.
The spherization is present fundamentally everywhere and in all thing .If everything spherizise, it is that the Universe will be a sphere and thus possesses a center ..... the center of the Universe where all the galaxies as well as our Milky Way turn around this Universal center.
It is evident everything turns and spheizise, elementary particles in the Universe.
Stars turn around the galactic center taking by gravity its planets.
ALike us on Earth, we turn around ourself and around the Sun, our Sun turns in 11 years around a center and the Sun also turns around the center of the Milky Way,
The elementary particles work in the same way, they turn around themself even and around centers, what is interesting it is the mass, I asked me this question, what is this link of mass, Where is the link with this mass, I am saying me that it was the rotation speed around itself .
Philosophically speaking it is magnificent, we are all connected ,linked ,bounded since the beginning of the big polarization there is 14 billion years ago, furthermore everything builds itself in spheric logic, there is indeed an ultimate aim , a whole ,a group , an entity of which we are a part .The time and the space are essential notions to understand the Spherization Theory, these dimensions shape particles and create the life.
It is enough intriguing this immensity .Imagine the number of lives created in our Universe, so much systems, it would be very conceited to consider alone in the Universe.
The harmony of the spherization teaches us how to evolve fundamentally .The human being is a catalyst, a creator, a builder , the creative intelligence to harmonize the systems in ........
The applications are numerous ....
Yevheniia Telnova
Hi Steve!
Your theory is nice. Of cause I am just new to it and maybe did not get something.
What do you think about wars?
About destroying of the world by humans?


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