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It’s close, but California still doesn’t have 40 million residents, new numbers released by the state.

The state’s population growth rate sank to a new low from July 1, 2018, to July 1 of this year, to just 0.35 percent. That’s down from 0.57 percent in the previous year, which was the lowest recorded rate since 1900.

Experts have said that the slowing of California’s once stratospheric population growth is caused by dwindling immigration into the state, coupled with larger numbers of people moving to other states.

State officials reported that for the first time since the 2010 census, more people moved out of the state than into it by 39,500.

This means that the overall increase of 141,300 people was the result of more people being born than dying in the state. (That source of growth is also slowing as baby boomers age and people are waiting longer to have kids.)

In some ways, this is a natural course correction in a state that’s short millions of homes and where the cost of living in the biggest cities is astronomical.

Those high costs of living are not only pushing people to inland areas — like Merced, Placer and San Joaquin counties, each of which notched among the biggest growth rates over the year — but to other states.

Still, economists say that California is facing a labor shortage, which will make it hard for the state to prosper in the long term.

And, of course, the biggest hurdle to solving that problem continues to be the housing crisis.

So how many people do live in California, according to this latest estimate? It’s 39.96 million. (For comparison, as of mid-2018, Texas had about 28.7 million residents.)

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