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Forms require special attention when they are created. Tedious for the user, with numerous possibilities to create friction points - like any interface requiring multiple actions to interact with -, their creation requires care and rigour.

Andrew from Lucky Duck wrote an article with 7 recurring problems in modern registration forms. He then proposes solutions and some external resources to fix them.

What is interesting here is that some of the points raised are rather original.


Task analysis is a study, part of the UX research, on how a user performs tasks (observable activity with a beginning and an end (Editor's Note)) to achieve their goal.

Note that this analysis differs from workflow analysis (based on group observation) and work analysis (based on a time period).

Maria Rosala of the Norman Nielsen Group wrote a small but pragmatic article on the subject.

Expect to gather information and create diagrams! ;-)


Cognitive biases are false logical thought mechanisms, short-cuts of reflection that twist reality with illogical reasoning.

Most of the time, this phenomenon is unconscious and involuntary (like a reflex).

It comes from an attempt to save our brain time and energy. But in our modern world, it pushes us to make irrational decisions.

Koos Looijesteijn wrote an article in which he presents 7 cognitive biases (some little known) and ways to prevent them from spoiling our design work.


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The digital and web accessibility consists in the study and the questioning about the access of the digital contents (whatever they are) by all users in general and by people with one or more handicaps (hearing impaired, visual handicap, etc) in particular.

The primary goal is therefore to remove obstacles or make it easier for everyone to access content (and leave no one behind).

To this end, Hannah Milan has created Allyresources, a website on which she offers a list of resources, tools and standards regarding accessibility.

Already provided with a lot of quality articles, the site is just waiting to grow ! Do not hesitate to propose your findings on the subject.

To bookmark urgently ;-) here:

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