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My latest voiceover for one of my favorite clients:


Typically, we most strongly emphasize adjectives & adverbs; we less strongly emphasize nouns & verbs; and we never emphasize articles (e.g., a/an, the); prepositions (e.g., by, to, from, in, on, with, for, etc.); pronouns (e.g., I, you, he, she, his, her, their, etc.); or conjunctions (e.g., and, but, because, so, etc.). This will be true for about 80% of all non-questions. The exception is when we have contrasts: then we must emphasize all the contrasting words, no matter what kind of word they are (e.g., "We were going TO the store, not FROM the store"—even though "to" and "from" are prepositions, we stress them to clarify the contrasting direction).