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Aishwarya Gupta Google Introduces Custom Template, Simplifies its Tag Manager
Google today announced it has introduced custom templates in Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360 help marketers more easily and safely deploy tags for all their marketing and measurement tools. Security and collaboration features give IT teams more control over the tagging process, while features like auto-event triggers and built-in templates help marketers get the data they need without having to deal with code.
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Sophie Jacob SEO-Studie Deutschland 2019
Wir präsentieren unsere SEO-Studie 2019! Welche SEO-Faktoren sind am relevantesten für ein gutes Ranking und welche weniger? Die (zum Teil überraschenden) Ergebnisse gibt's auf unserer Website!
Vignesh Shaha How Voice Search Will Revolutionize Your Marketing
These days, you can’t hop on the subway or walk down the street without seeing someone talking to their phone. No, I don’t mean talking on it, I mean to it.
Voice-activated devices are the new browser. More than a quarter of U.S. adults have access to a smart speaker, plus voice activation is available in smartphones, TVs, cars and more.
And people aren’t just asking about the weather or telling a device to play music. About half of the people who use voice search are looking for product information. This opens the door to make voice search — and conversational marketing along with it — a key part of your company’s marketing platform.
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