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Wordpress Themes

Sie sind auf der Suche nach einem Theme oder möchten ein eigenes vorstellen? Auch Fragen zu Theme-Funktionen können gern besprochen werden.

Sandip Makhanasa Start saving TODAY with 50% off our Pofo the BEST portfolio #WordPress theme of 2018 for #CyberMonday #BlackFriday
Brian Taylor Learn To Build a WordPress Theme for Corporate Websites
WordPess has become a powerhouse when it comes to website designs, changing the way the websites are created. Themes that are designed and can simply be put on your website with a click of a button changed the landscape for designers as well as users.
Do you want to create your own custom theme? Do you want to sell your designs to people that are willing to pay top dollar? Well, then in this course you can. This course will help you learn how to design your very own business theme using Bootstrap.
So, what are you waiting for? Let's Themeize!
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