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This brand new group has been setup yesterday. Perhaps we will get so many members and articles that I'll no be able to manage the task as the lonely moderator. So it is time enough for everyone to consider about the possibility to become a co-moderator for this group. If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask me - here in the forum with an article - or, if you prefer the other way: in a private message.
Frank M. Rauch
Environmental Scientist
Frank M. Rauch South East Asia and Oceanic Region
World Union for Protection of Life
President of the South East Asia and Oceanic Region
Harry F. Kurth, Sydney, Australia
8th April 1972
Dear Sir, Sirs, Madam,
In her book "SAY NO" Ruth Adams writes:
For over 2 years we have tried to ward off the dangers connected with the building of the Atomic Reactor at Jervis Bay, only about 130 miles from Sydney. Shortage of money, not reason, stopped the project last year and having already spent $ 170 Mill on roads and foundations, the "Atomic - Pushes" are working behind the scenes in our Capital Canberra to bring the blessing of "clean" power to Australia. They are also talking about Uranium Enrichment Plants to squander in 1 or 2 decades our Uranium resources. France, Japan and whoever wants to pay the price will help in this waste.
The picture of the Atomic merchants is a brillant one and after all Australia will not want to be known as a "Banana Country".
The lonely voice of warning about radiation is hardly perceptible and yet we are fighting on. "Ecology Action" is interested, so is "Society for Responsibility in Science".
Unfortunarely often local issues like Sandmining or Airports at the "wrong" settings are taking the limelight.
As "World Union" understands the problems of out time, priority should be given to the dangers inherent in the production of Atomic Energy, especially here in Australia, where we are still free of this powerful and insidious pollutant.
We need your help, please give us all scientific information you can possibly muster against the building of the first reactor in Australia. 1972 is election year in Australia and we want to bring all relevant facts to the notice of electors and those to be elected.
For a prompt reply I will be grateful on behalf of "World Union" and mankind.
With best wishes
Harry Kurth
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