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Juan Camilo Martínez Alvarez RECOMENDADO: Modelo de CV Europeo
Este modelo de currículum vitae europeo va a ser muy útil, incluye todos los campos de CV Europass
Juan Camilo Martínez Alvarez Esto es lo que necesitas en tu búsqueda de trabajo
Normalmente lo último que revisas en tu Curriculum Vitae es el diseño, sin saber qué el diseño puede generar la diferencia a la hora de estar en manos de los reclutadores, comparto una plantilla que les ahorrará tiempo y esfuerzo
VICENTE PIQUERAS Understanding Secure Trading-Private Placement Programs-PPP/High Yield Investments Progarams/hyip
*The Only BUY-SELL Program of BANKING MTNS In The World from 1M Euros
*PPP/HYIP.Direct from the bank and Trader-Licenced Traders *
Secured & tailor-made trade . Private Placement Program
1.- * Administrative Hold – Internal Block: This option is ONLY avalible in the Trader bank,.We open an account in the trader bank( The client is the ONLY signatory) and the client transfers the funds..The client has to travel to the trader bank to sign the Trading contract.(From 1m euros-cASH).. We need the CIS for the Bank+POF. ( On request)
1.-The client send us the CIS and the POF
2.-The bank pass the DD.
3.-We send you the bank documentation to open the account.
4.-The bank officer confirm your account is ready and operative.
5.-You transfer the funds to your account.
6.-We arrange you a meeting with the trader to sign everything. Here you have to travel to Switzeland.
(No Shares Trading, No CFDs & Forex Trading, No Binary Options Trading, No Commodities Trading, No Financial Derivatives, No Futures & Options...). ONLY BANKING FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS MTNs-FIX INCOME.SECURED TRADING.
2.- * Swift MT-799 and MT-760: The client's bank issues a Swift MT-799 prior notice and a Swift MT-760 . The recipient of the MT-760 will be "the Trader's Company ".The capital is guaranted, The trader will guarated the devolution of the Swift 760.(From 5m euros)
*In both cases we accept cash,mtns, bgs/sblcs,bank drafts or any banking instrument.. The client has to submit: .We need the KYC+POF+RWA.
* No Offer for the Prospects/Clients who have not successfully passed the Due Diligence. Programs are invitational only. It is not an offering to be shopped around. .
*We only work on complete and concrete files.


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