Perhaps there are coaches and trainers here who want to brush up their English concerning coaching topics?
Building rapport is essential for coaches. If they show empathy and adapt their processes to the individual they are dealing with, this should follow automatically.
Coaches need to be very patient listeners. They also need to be able to tolerate silence, as sometimes it is very important to keep quiet while the coachee is thinking about something. Reading body language and being sensitive enough to pick up emotions even when hidden are related skills.
Communication is a key skill. Whatever the coachee shares with the coach, he or she should be able to summarize or paraphrase, to make sure he or she has understood everything correctly.
Coaches should be able to ask the right questions, even if provocative, to make the coachee see a possible obstacles and solutions.
Coaches should be positive that the coachee will be able to meet challenges and make them conscious of the progress they are making.
Coaches must be good at goal setting, at helping the coachee define motivating, achievable measurable goals (which we often call SMART goals).
Impartiality: Staying neutral and not judging is one of the key skills a coach needs to have.
As coaching is an ongoing process, coaches need to constantly monitor the coaching process and adapt it to the individual they are dealing with. A toolbox of methods is necessary to do so.