Anzer honey is a special honey produced in Türkiye and became known in the world.There are 450-500 kinds of coutryside flowers(in these flowers 80-90 kinds only grow up in Anzer).This honey got up in Anzer high plateau,is famous because of its cures to assorted and different illnesses.Anzer takes a step to the greenness with the bloom of snow flowers in partly snowy at the first week of june and its magnificent beauty begins with june,becomes summit in july and finishes in august.In the last week of june the bees open eyes for the flowers and complete making honeys.Anzer honey only gets from Çiçekli village and Ballıköy.For sale honeys produced in Anzer high plateau in Anzer trademark,honey must imply peculiarities take form Anzer flora and the results of analysis making from Hacettepe University.The results of analysis,the honeys in accord with Anzer flora labeled from our cooperative,sealed their edges and offered for sale.For that reason if you want to buy real Anzer honey you may buy from our cooperative.S.S. Çiçekli village (ANZER)Agriculture Progress Cooperative Çiçekli village İKİZDERE/RİZE
Disappears stomach ache and pain
Closes operation wound earlier
Destroy arteriosclerosis and vein hardness
Treats cancer illness in early diagnosis
Improves mouth wound
Disappears broken skins
Increases sexual power
Improves lungs illness
Destroys tonsil infection
Disappears intestine infection
Support growing
Improves brain illness and paralysis
Becomes easy digestion
Gives power to memory
Stops diarrhea
Whets the appetite
Disappears constipation
Improves cardiac insufficiency
Gives power to bones
Disappears barren
Treats indigestions
Treats head cold and flu
Prevents loss of hair
Treats hepatit b,c
Disappears weakness
Treats coughing
Prevents prostate gland
Treats psoriasis
Anzer honey using instruction:
ADULTS:Morning_Evening-one hour ago from meals-hungry abdomen-one tablespoon
CHILDREN:Morning_Evening-one hour ago from meals-hungy abdomen-one sugar spoon
BABIES:Morning_Evening-one hour ago from meals-hungy abdomen-one tea spoon
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