I would like to welcome you to the first European Agile eXtreme Manufacturing Build Party on November 12, 2014 in Germany!
Use Scrum to build a car in 60-minute sprints. Guided by Joe Justice and other professional coaches from team Wikispeed & Scrum inc., it’s an inspirational experience that leaves participants confident about conquering their work using Scrum. Because attendees apply the Scrum framework and eXteme Manufacturing to solve complex problems, build parties are a terrific way to win buy-in about agile practices. The case study on WIKISPEED methods is recommended as a useful pre-reading for the Build Party: http://www.thecasecentre.org/educators/ordering/selecting/featuredcases/wikispeed
Build Parties are perfect for introducing agile to organizations or to help practiced teams re-launch. No Agile experience or automotive background is necessary. The build party can be completed in as few as 3, 60-minute sprints.
We kick off each build party by having the attendees self-organize into 4 to 5 person scrum teams, complete with a Scrum Master and Product Owner. Teams then swarm on the backlog to complete as many stories as possible, with quality. Each sprint the teams get a chance to review their work with the facilitators while using scaled Scrum to address impediments, demonstrate their work, and refine the backlog. When the Party ends, teams have built a car and had fun.
You get to experience:
- Completing hands-on work as part of a Scrum team
- Coordinating across multiple teams in a scaled format
- Setting-up an eXtreme Manufacturing work-space
As a result, many participants tell us they are pumped to know what a high-velocity sprint feels like. We get regular feedback that participants leave with a clear vision of how to Scrum their work, launch or re-launch their teams, and apply XM to their projects.