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Each of my characters has thousands of faces, thousand features and natures. How can I describe them? – There isn’t enough life for that. I create a painting, using some of their colours and shapes; I compose one layout from the countless possible ones. I suggest you to meet with yourself unknown, my words are not arrogant – you are going to make this journey yourself beyond the usual scripts created by mind.
Yes, I suggest you an obvious madness.
Have you ever thought about what does person feel loosing one’s mind? Where is the start point of readout? Does one can predict his insanity? Whether he can see or hear in Reality surrounding him the failure, the gap drawing near? Can one feel an insanity with a skin like touches of All Changing Wind – shy and flirting freshness first and violent, overturning tremors then after?
Or an instant substitution does happen... and you're not that and not this anymore, but something different. Can insanity be just a trick used by man to cheat Wind flow? Does he remember the fact of cheating in this case?
But all these questions are fear itself, so I get rid of questions and doubts and move on. Because changes are irreversible. Because I am wind myself.
Genia Filippova. Born in St. Petersburg in January 1983.
Faces: the Author, Graphic Designer, Freelancer, creating colourful stories. Not attached to certain job, I have no fixed place to live. Change cities and occupation. I do not rely on any religion, not tied with morality, free of any beliefs system and conventions. Do not accept aggression and insincerity.
The force guiding me is a nomad spirit of Siberian tribes from one side and few generations of Russian orthodox priests on the other. These are landmarks only, personal history is erased and has no weight, no colour, no taste, because The Guide is a dry, light lump of paper composed by scenario into elegant, living shape.