The first MoReq2010 specifiacation, "Modular Requirements for Records Systems",
Volume 1, Core Services & Plug-in Modules, was published June 6th, 2011.
Direct downlaod:
In the future the specification and additional information will be available via the web pages: and
The meaning of the acronym MoReq was changed to meat the more modular approach. The MoReq2010 specifiacation has 520 pages (and is not shorter than MoReq2 ...). There will be further modules and a training programme available soon. Products and installations can be tested and certified starting later this year.
First critique on Twitter about #MoReq2010 - "my name is not included in the acknowldgements list" ... more substantial critique will come later.
Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer
Member of the DLM Forum MGB MoReq Governance Board