After freeze warnings were issued this week throughout the Valley, the Glendale Fire Department is warning residents about the dangers of incorrectly heating homes.
Carbon monoxide poisoning is far more common during the winter months because people use unsafe heating devices, Glendale Fire spokesman Daniel Valenzuela said.
Camping-type stoves, ovens, and propane grills should not be used as a source of heat.
These devices create carbon monoxide from unburned fuel in the air. Valenzuela said carbon monoxide is known as the "silent killer" because it can't be seen or detected by smell or taste.
Only electric heaters approved by Underwriters Laboratories should be used to heat your home, he said.
Another common mistake is to warm up the car by turning it on and leaving it in a garage with the door closed, officials said.
The house and garage can quickly fill with deadly gas. Fire officials advise residents to open the garage door before starting the car and pulling the car out of the garage to let it warm up.
Fire officials recommend carbon monoxide detectors in homes. They work like smoke alarms, and can be picked up at most places smoke detectors are sold.