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Altran Technologies Netherlands BV is a leading technology consulting company that provides its clients with sustainable innovative solutions.
Altran Technologies is a committed partner that works closely together with its clients in joint, multidisciplinary project teams. The pragmatic and results-oriented approach is highly valued by clients and recognized to make the difference by ‘making it work’. The company applies a unique combination of cutting-edge technology expertise with a strong business sense to ensure solutions provide excellent return on investment.
Altran Technologies’ core competences comprise Systems Engineering, Safety, Project Management, Feasibility Studies, Audits, Product and Process Optimization, Business Development, Interim Management and Consultancy.
Altran Technologies Netherlands BV is part of the Altran Group (started 1982) with more than 200 subsidiaries worldwide, employing over 18000 experts. The Altran Group is a public company (Paris Stock Exchange and NASDAQ).
Being part of this global knowledge network, Altran Technologies has built an extensive track record in the fields of Sustainable Energy, (Micro) Electronics, Manufacturing & Logistics, Robotics, Telecom, the (Petro) Chemical Industry and Railway Safety Critical Systems. Altran Netherlands offers a to engineers and other professionals a great career opportunity.
What we are looking for:
· You have a University degree.
· You have more then 2 years of relevant working experience. Masters degree with no experience is also acceptable.
· You have good communication skills with English. Any other European language is an asset.
· You are a team worker, able to work with other cultures, innovative and have good social skills.
* Microelectronics (Analog/Digital Back End/Front End Designers)
* RF Engineering
* Test and/or Product Engineering
* Automotive Consultancy
* Mechanical Design Engineering
* Heat and Mass Flow Engineering
* Mechatronics
Being a consultant with Altran means having numerous opportunities for a fulfilling career within the subsidiary of the group which best corresponds to your needs and expectations in terms of company culture, geographical area and lifestyle.
This is the opportunity to approach a wide range of sectors of activities and develop your expertise in a fast-moving and results-oriented environment.
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