In a recent post to my blog, I proposed a practical definition of agility: the average case amount of time required to deliver value to your customers, measured from the point where you have the go ahead to do the work to the point where that functionality is available to the customer (or user). (
I thought for an agile company, this would be 1 1/2 * Sprint-Length, but that is an over simplification, because I ignored things like project preparation, acquiring resources, regression testing, etc. which may or may not be negligible. Nor do I have a good idea how much time a non-agile company would need.
So I ask you, what is the minimum time, from the point where the customer says do it to the time you've delivered the functionality and he can use it in your company. The poll is on the Cohn-Scale, that means each estimate is +/- 50%.
Thanks for your help! As with the last poll, I'll post the results after closure.