How to Live Your Dream

When it came to early retirement we could not imagine continuing with the same life style, rather there had to be a radical and stimulating new life. So we bought a boat,that we intended to live on year round, sold our house so that there was no going back, and launched ourselves into the future. In fact and luckily, the demand for my professional services was so great that I went back to contract work for 6 months each year ,so we have been 6 month 'live-aboards' for the last 13 years.It has been a wild and stimulating journey that many people have said that they would love to emulate.

Now we are slowing down and health issues may force us to change the journey a bit so we thought that it was time to share our experiences. To this end we have started two blogs; one in which we will start to document the journey,

and one in which we will share thoughts on experience that we have picked up along the way,

We would love to have feed back from you as we develop these blogs, in any language.