Because of my activities in China, I often recieve requests for people looking for a job or internship in China, this is why I thought it might be usefull to group them here.
On 08 Oct 2005, I know that the following internships are offered.
1. Internship in Shanghai
Fix month duration: one year as possible
French luxury magazine looking for it sell department. Business school student preferred. Please send us a resume, to the joined address:
For any request for additional information, do not hesitate to contact us
Foulques de Padirac, Account Manager
2. PEC+S Management Internship
PEC+S ist ein Zusammenschluss von deutschen
Unternehmen, die im Bereich des
Hochgeschwindigkeitseisenbahnbau tätig sind.
Der Praktikant (m/w) hat die Hauptaufgabe für eine
gute Kommunikation und Koordination
zwischen China und Deutschland zu sorgen.
Arbeitssprache ist entweder
Englisch oder Chinesisch, je nach Kenntnisstand
des Praktikanten.
-Deutsch als Muttersprache oder hervorragende
-sehr gute Englischkenntnisse
- gute Chinesischkenntnisse
Das Praktikum wird mit 5000RMB pro Monat
vergütet. Das Vorstellungsgespräch findet in Peking
statt. Weitere Infos auf Anfrage.
Beginn Oktober oder November, mindestens 3 Monate gerne auch länger
Peking Chaoyang District
Julia Fechner
3. Company: Internship China
Job Description: Market Research
The Beijing office of a leading global market research firm is seeking part time/full time interns to help with project coordination and development on an ongoing basis. Main responsibilities will include collect and analyze information to assist in marketing and determine whether a demand exists for a particular product or service; analyze and evaluate survey and interview results; possibly write and present reports with charts and recommendations to clients. On a part time basis, interns will typically work 3 days a week, for 8 hours a day. Hours are flexible and can be arranged around programs of study. Compensation is around 50 RMB per day of work.
Requirements: The ideal candidates will be current bachelors, fully proficient in English; knowledge of basic Mandarin Chinese a plus. Will have good written and oral communication skills and listening, people and research skills. In addition, market researchers need to be able to work well under pressure, juggle many tasks within a project, think creatively to find solutions to problems and keep information private.
Job/Intern Type :
Marketing, Ad, PR
Language : English
Experience Required: no
Participants Travel to China Independently
Typically Participants Work Independently
Period: Throughout the year
Location: Beijing
Contact Person:
4. Carrefour shanghai
Communication coordination, promotions managements, sales follow up
6 months
Call 13601676319
Best regards