Greetings, dear Capetonians,
in March this year Cape Town and I will celebrate our 18th anniversary. In other words, we are adults now. :) I am originally from Lüchow/Wendland, but moved here in 1993 in order to find myself, which I subsequently did.
I started writing database applications in dBASE, but then used my diploma in Marketing Management to establish myself as one of the first Database Marketing and Relationship Management consultants (now CRM) and made myself a name internationally with my Diamond CRM business transformation model.
Via Opera Software, Sonork and Qunu I eventually arrived at Charles Haanel's Master Key System, and am helping carry it into the 21st century with additional products and service, after I (in conjunction with a now ex-partner) sold over 45.000 hard cover books and thousands of audio products on the German market.
Now I also published my own "edition" of the Master Key System in English, plus a Premium workbook, so that I can offer something to the local market, too.
To cut a long story short, if you are interested in the awesome knowledge and wisdom of Charles Haanel, I am more than happy to give seminars, talks or workshops in both English and German, here in South Africa and D-A-CH, where I usually spend the European summer. I will give you more than you can possibly imagine, but take one thing away from you: your excuses. After my "appearance", you no longer have the excuse that you didn't know how to become healthy, wealthy, and happy. Too bad. :)
For more info, please visit my profile or check (german) and (english).
Nice to be here and hope to meet some of you at the next XING event,