Outsourcing is expanding and there are more and more new specialized forms of it. As the classic concept of BPO was not sufficient any more, the concepts of ITO and KPO have been intruduced. However, after a short period of time LPO, which stands for Legal Process Outsourcing, has been introduced to differentiate the specific outsourcing for legal services from other KPO-related services.
In fact, legal outsourcing has a long tradition: law firms realized the benefit of outsourcing back-office operations such as payroll, copy center, mailroom, food service and travel a long time ago. However, the "modern" tendency is to look after legal functions that lawyers can successfully outsource. These are as follows:
- e-discovery,
- litigation document review,
- due diligence,
- contract drafting, review, management,
- intellectual property support,
- legal and business research and drafting,
- paralegal support.
Except of that there is a potential to outsource administrative operations from the law companies, as for instance word processing and transcriptions, preparation of presentations or finance and accounting.
Best regards
Magdalena Szarafin