We are proud to present the first Machine Learning Conference in Berlin!
Are you looking to enhance your business with Machine Learning? Then the ML Conference is for you. Attend the ML Conference for 3 days of sessions, hands-on workshops and insightful keynotes with the worlds' Machine Learning innovation masterminds!
This conference gives you a comprehensive insight into the principles of Machine Learning and introduces to the world of ML tools, programming languages and technologies. Experienced ML speakers from a solid industry background show you how to create real value from Artificial Intelligence using the latest technologies such as Tensorflow, Deep Learning toolkits, Chatbots and many more.
Check out our new program: More Sessions, Workshops and Keynotes will follow soon:
• Coding deep learning – the absolute minimum an interested developer should know about matrices and backprop - Sigrid Keydana (Trivadis)
• How Deep Learning pushes Computer Vision to the Next Level - Olivia Klose (Microsoft), Dr. Marcel Tilly (Microsoft)
• Build your own spam defense, or how I befriended the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog - Jan Stępień (innoQ)
• Machine Learning 101++ using Python - Bart De Vylder (CoScale), Pieter Buteneers (CoScale)
• Decision Making Based on Machine Learning at Outfittery - Jesper Richter-Reichhelm (Outfittery)
• Deep Learning for financial time series analysis - Dr. Jan Hendrik Witte (GreyMaths Inc.)
• It ́s all about machines and creating their minds - Prof. Wolfgang Henseler (SENSORY-MINDS)
• Understanding and predicting Human Behaviour Using Machine Learning techniques - Hendrik D’Oosterlinck (Sentiance)
Got interested? There´s loads more! And don´t forget to regularly revisit, because more is still to come! https://mlconference.ai/program/