The monumental rise in the number of smartphone users worldwide clearly outlines the underutilized potential of mobile app development and it’s outsourcing.
The cut-throat competition among companies has given rise to nearly a 50% increase in the number of applications available on Google Play and iOS store in the last two years. A recent report by Technavio has predicted a 27% CAGR for the mobile app development outsourcing industry in the next 4 years.
Every brand/business has realized that the mobile space, not the web, is the present and future of customer communication, which is why they all have begun to outsource their app development to vendors with more expertise. Outlined below are five very good reasons on why a brand/business must outsource their mobile app development to a third party:
1. App development firms/companies tend to have years of technical expertise that will promise seamless integration and execution of the new apps. Their inputs of various subject matter details, industry knowledge, and market understanding help you make better informed decisions for your brand, keeping abreast of the dynamic mobile app industry.
2. If you invested in app development as a brand yourself, it would probably cost you a lot more money for setting up the infrastructure and experimenting with app solutions that fit your needs. However, outsourcing it to able, expert vendors will result in huge cost-savings and reduction in the efforts too.
3. A great understanding if the mobile app development market is what entails the success of a good mobile app execution. Outsourcing your app development to a qualified third party, it ensures that they employ their existing reports to deliver efficient results while still maintaining transparency throughout the process.
4. When you outsource your mobile application development, it reduces costs and efforts and, in turn, allows you to focus your resources into other core competencies for developing your business. It’s broadens your scope of work and allows you to refocus your technical expertise elsewhere.
5. The most important aspect however is end-to-end service. Whether it is app development for iOS or Android, outsourced expertise provides you with a detailed assistance, right from ideation, development, testing, and direct launch. It also allows you to experiment your app in the market and tailor it according to your needs and fit into a certain niche that works for you.
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