I cultivate Macadamia Nuts in Guatemala, and produce cosmetics. And therefore i'm looking for resellers for cosmetics or everybody interested in Macadamia oil.
My cosmetic cream made out of Macadamia oil contains only the oil and beeswax. It is not mixed whit wather. I ofer that cream in Porcelain vessels hand paintet from the Mayan-Cooperativa COPATAL in the guatemalan departmant Totonicapán.
Also virgin oil or cosmetic oil.
Also avaible:
Macadamian Soap in many variations like: Champagne, Chocolate, Coffee, Coco, Rose, Spices ...
Bath oils
bath salts
Why Macadamia oil?
Macadamia oil is prized for containing approximately 22% of the Omega-7 palmitoleic acid, which makes it a botanical alternative to mink oil, which contains approximately 17%. This relatively high content of "cushiony" palmitoleic acid plus macadamia's high oxidative stability make it a desirable ingredient in cosmetics, especially skincare.
Macadamia oil (or Macadamia nut oil) is the non-volatile oil expressed from the nut meat of the macadamia (Macadamia integrifolia) tree. Macadamia oil is used in cosmetic formulations as an emollient or fragrance fixative.
Macadamia oil contains approximately 60% oleic acid, 19% palmitoleic acid, 1-3% Linoleic acid and 1-2% Linolenic acid. Contain roughly equal omega-6 and omega-3. Although macadamia is cultivated in many different parts of the world, the oil's fatty acid profile is not greatly influenced by environmental factors. The oil displays chemical properties typical of a vegetable triglyceride oil. It is also very stable due to its low polyunsaturated fat content.
Macadamia oil is liquid at room temperature. The refined oil is clear, lightly amber-colored with a slightly nutty odour. It is possible to refine it to complete transparency, but the faint odour of macadamia nuts remains.
Macadamia oil's rich, cushiony skinfeel and high oxidative stability make it especially suitable for heavy creams and suncare formulations. Derivatives of Macadamia oil in cosmetics include the light emollient Ethyl Macadamiate and water soluble PEG-16 Macadamia Glycerides. Macadamia oil is an excellent botanical replacement for mink oil in most applications. Macadamia oil's INCI name is Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil.
Macadamia Oil is a versatile natural cosmetic oil for high performance emulsions, lip sticks, conditioners and skin lubricants. It is produced from the cold pressed kernels of Macadamia. The oil is enhanced by a unique refining process resulting in an ultra pure oil with the following benefits for cosmetics: • High oxidative stability • Non-oily, dry skin feel • Enhanced softening effect • High lubricity • Colourless and odourless • Very safe for dermal applications Macadamia Oil is surprisingly light in texture with a dry, velvet-soft skin feel. It is an excellent skin conditioner, protectant, lubricator and emollient. It finds wide application in skin care, antiageing treatments, sun care, lip care, hair care, baby care, nail care and aromatherapy.
Macadamia Oil is an ideal anti-ageing supplement for cosmetics, due to its high content of palmitoleic acid (cishexadec-9-enoic acid), which is an essential component of human sebum, which is lost with ageing. Human skin lipids contain 22% palmitoleic acid isomer (cishexadec-6-enoic acid) which along with palmitic acid comprise around half the skin lipid content. Its action is thought to be a combination of lubrication, softening and protection of the protein structures and prevention of moisture loss from the skin. As the production of palmitoleic acid in sebum decreases with ageing, it makes perfect sense to use Macadamia Oil as the principal cosmetic oil in skin care emulsions.
Macadamia Oil is over 80% mono-unsaturated, and exhibits one of the highest levels of oxidative stability of any unmodified vegetable oil. With the addition of tocopherols, the stability is enhanced to that of castor and coconut oils, making it ideal for most skin care and cosmetic applications with a superior skin feel.
Tierra Maya Cosmetics helps us to recapture the skin of our childhood and must contribute to the prevention of the slaughter of our precious whales for this cosmetic ingredient. One of nature miracles, Macadamia Oil has a molecular structure closely resembling marine mammal oil. The main ingredient sought from whale oil is Palmitoleic Acid, a fatty acid, which is found in Macadamia Oil in concentrations as high as 22%. This fatty acid is secreted by young children's' sebaceous glands giving them plump and dewy skin. As we age it almost disappears from our sebum. Non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-staining - spills easily removed with soapy water.