It was a pleasant and interesting group of people, this time a high rate of Danes ;-) who met yesterday in Århus at the Restaurant Gaucho:
After the stand-up reception with initial conversations and welcoming, Bjørn Kassøe Andersen's ( clear and vivid introductory presentation on "Integral Leadership and Communication" gave food for thoughts and discussion.
The speed networking session allowed the participants to get introduced to many people within a short period of time: 2 times 2 minutes, and then switch to the next person. It brought liveliness into the group making the volume of the voices increase after the first couple of rounds. By the way, each time the bell rang the waiters hurried to the kitchen as this is normally their signal of food ready to be served.
After all this "work" we could deservedly get seated for dinner and intensify the contacts made previously. I personally enjoyed hearing about your experiences and ideas for network activities and formats. Thanks a lot for your contributions to a lovely networking night. I hope to see you again soon under the motto 'Start on a personal note, and soon you'll be in business'!
P.S. I will inform you later where to find the photos.