The Hamburg Airport S-Bahn rapid transport system station will be officially opened on 11th December 2008. It is located directly under the Airport Plaza and is equipped with a modern orientation system; four large lifts and eight escalators which bring travellers directly up to the Plaza and the terminals. The lifts have been designed to allow enough space for travellers to take baggage trolleys with them. The station at Hamburg Airport will be served by the S1 line, starting from Hamburg Central Railway Station and running at 10 minute intervals. The journey time will be a mere 25 minutes. To avoid passengers to the airport having to change at Ohlsdorf station trains coming from the city centre will be separated – in other words the front section of the train will travel on to the airport, while the rear carriages will terminate in the Poppenbüttel district.
It has been reported that passenger trains will run on the 12th and the official opening is on the 11th.
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