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Hier der 2. Versuch, die Biotech-Branche für das Thema ABS zu sensibilisieren.

11. März 2020 beim VCI kostenlos und auch für Wissenschaftler offen.

Since the adoption of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS), new rules for biodiversity-based research & development have been adopted in Germany and other countries around the world. These rules govern how companies acquire samples of plant, animal or other biological material or compounds, and may establish requirements for payments or projects based on resulting benefits. But what do these rules mean for companies working with biodiversity in the biotechnology sector? How does the legal framework apply? What is the scope of the legal framework? How should concepts such as “utilization of genetic resources” be interpreted? How does a company set up an effective ABS compliance system?This workshop aims to support companies in navigating ABS rules and advancing procedures and practices for compliance with ABS in Germany and other countries.

Please register for the workshop by email at the following address:

No registration fee.