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101 Software & IT Solutions

Über uns

101 Software & IT Solutions is more a network, consisting of experts in various sectors of the IT industry which are completed by young talented Cambodians, then a
company. All leading positions are people with years of expirience in the IT sector, some more then 20 years. Us all unites also the love to free and open source soft-
ware and we are all engaged into various open source projects. We encourage young computer engineers or software developers to do the same, its an fantastic
way to get inside knowledge and train the skills. Completed is this core team from young and dynamic Cambodians, which can growth with this experts in the
background. In this way we build capacities for the future.
We are not bound to any other company and try to sell you their products, we know the businesses are individual like human beings. If you want a solution off the
rack, we might be not the right partner for you but if you are interested to get the best solution for the best price for your problem

We want to serve clients with solutions that work now and for years to come. Our ultimate goal? Inspiring our company, clients, and community toward a better and
smarter future.In this future we want to be a company, which plays in the first league when it comes to IT service and solutions.