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Über uns

3AP – As Agile As Possible – is a young agile software development company that was founded in 2014. in Switzerland and that brings together talented and motivated engineers in Zurich and Belgrade.

We at 3AP are completely focused on helping our clients develop solutions that are unique on the market, but we still want to point out that 3AP is not a classic IT outsourcing company in any way. On the contrary. What is distinguishing 3AP from other companies in the industry is a disruptive way of thinking, our projects, our approach & relationships we have built with our clients and our unique team, of course.

Projects that we work on are technologically advanced, challenging, innovative, different, new. In the process of developing new software solutions, our teams from Switzerland and Serbia work closely with our clients and are in a daily communication with them. For us, our clients are active components in every single project and are also active & equal team members.

We choose to work with clients who believe in our approach, who share the same passion as we do, who have the „out of the box” way of thinking. Clients that want to transform themselves on the market and that want to find a long-term partner with whom they can move the boundaries together. The most of our clients come from financial and insurance industries, but we also enjoy and love to work with startups that want to create a new value on the market.

We are very proud of our team and we truly believe that our people are our biggest value. We believe in them, support them, invest in their personal and professional development, offer them excellent working conditions, chance to work on interesting and challenging projects and with the latest technology, chance to improve their skills, relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere etc. What makes us really happy is the fact that our colleagues do the work they love, that they are satisfied and when we see the level of enthusiasm they have when they come to work.