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Abox42 GmbH

About us

ABOX42 ( is a leading provider of Hybrid, IPTV & OTT DVB Smart STBs, with 5 years expertise and knowledge in end-user mass-market products and a deployment of over 120 OTT applications. 

ABOX42 developed a new generation of Smart STBs for the global market. The ABOX42 Smart STB platform is the ideal solution for any IPTV & OTT content providers, cable-operators and ISPs, who are aiming to provide an own STB for its services to its customers. 

The ABOX42 Smart STB platform was designed for fast moving OTT providers, cable operators, IPTV providers and Internet service companies. With its powerful Smart SDK, the Smart SaaS Services and additional Smart Solutions, the ABOX42 platform offers its customers a short project cycle, short lead times in production and includes lifecycle management for ongoing software maintenance and service updates. 

For further information about ABOX42`s STB platforms and solutions visit
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