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About us

ACOTEQ – Name and Activity

The company name ACOTEQ is an acronym build of the following words


Better results at steady inputs is today’s demand for many companies who have seen times with better profits. The cost for labor has increased and very often without the chance to improve results. Automation can be a very big help to improve results. Of identical importance are today’s requests for more safety in all production processes and this is a field where ACOTEQ offers help based on many years of experience in this field.

For managements who have run a company successfully for years some kind of blindness is frequent for fairly simple but important things. The latest safety requirements which do no longer accept exceptions from the present very strict safety rules also call for solutions to comply with existing laws and considering that the protections have to be acceptable and practical for all operators concerned. Here ACOTEQ offers solutions again based on many years of machine building and commissioning.

Technical Equipment
As the owners of ACOTEQ have manufactured and delivered machines and equipment to customers in all continents of this world for many years, they offer their advice regarding the best design on the market and deliver machines and equipment for individual production lines or complete plants.

Products, Services and preferred customers

Based on the available professional experience ACOTEQ is concentrating on machines and machine parts in relation to cable manufacturing which means bare conductors of copper or aluminum, insulated conductors, power cable, communication cable, fibre optics, CTC (continuously transposed conductors for big transformers) and special cables of almost all kinds like for example the Umbilicals to supply electrical power, communication, water etc. from the shore to platforms of the oil industry. The field of activity of ACOTEQ includes also steel wire rope machines of all kinds.

As regards the services related to safety and software for machine controls ACOTEQ is also open to assist customers of other industries, but this is still in the beginning.

Traditionally the preferred customers are people to which long-term relations have been established. Mutual confidence is an appreciated asset.

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