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Über uns

Acropolium is Software Development Agency.

For over 14 years we provide:
  • Complex Software Development

Our senior software developers team has a longstanding experience of a turn-key project development. Only an expert team is capable to implement complex and non-standard systems from scratch.

  • Consulting

Due to a lingering technical know-how of both management staff and senior engineers, we offer full consulting lifecycle in IT sphere.

  • Audit

Audit is similar to a complex system examination. We provide report about product’s weak spots with further recommendations for system optimization.

  • Outsourcing

Sometimes it is hard to find appropriate team for your project. For this case we suggest outsourcing of our existing teams that work like one organism.

At Acropolium we have built a wide range of B2B and B2C software solutions for such domains:

  • Startups development

Full development lifecycle for startups beginning from idea research until project release and further support.  Building of MVP for the product, since this is the key strategy for fast and quantitative market testing.

  •  Intranet projects

Development of corporate networks, internal company portals, or any corporate solutions from scratch.

  •  Medicine and Healthcare

Portals for calibration and accounting of medical devices; websites for clinics of various complexity; management systems for doctors and patients.

  •  Hospitality industry

Informational websites; booking systems; apps for ordering drinks and beverages; platforms for cargo shipping and logistic.  Systems with a large volume of traffic, resource-intensive functionality, file system and storage load, and databases.

  • Talent Management

Portals for job search, talent employment.

  • Digital Media

News Aggregators; Blog pages; Online media; Informational portals. We create a web-interface that works in any browser and on any device - computer, tablet, or smartphone.