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ACT Currency Partner

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About ACT Currency Partner AG

ACT Currency Partner AG is a currency/precious metals specialist and FINMA authorized asset manager of collective investment schemes. The company holds three business units: Best Execution, Alpha Strategy and FX Advisory. The three business units are supported by FX professionals coming from leading international banks as well as a solid infrastructure. We look back on 24 years of solid track record. Across the decades, we have earned an outstanding reputation in the industry also serving a strong client base including major European institutional investors. Our business is built upon stability of performance, professional risk management, independence, transparency, flexibility and priority of customer interests and needs.

We offer robust and tailored investment solutions to institutional investors and high net worth individuals. The main focus is generation of alpha in currencies and precious metals. Independence, a solid multibank setup and strong awareness of clients’ needs and expectations enable us to serve banks, asset managers, family offices and funds with execution and advisory. In addition to the three business units, the Incubation business model is offering investment professionals the possibility to run their own hedge fund strategy. 

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