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Agheera GmbH

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Making real time tracking not only possible but also easy at the same time is our aim here at Agheera. With the spirit of a genuine successful startup and the backing of a global logistic enterprise we are up to creating and offering innovative tracking services.

Because we fully know and understand the complexity of logistics, we have been able to establish very fine services to make your business more efficient, more secure and more reliable.
Having started only with a few logistic and business experts our fast growing team now includes fine software and hardware engineers, operation managers, international custom experts and an experienced executive team.

We are proud to say that within just one year we have become an established partner for several global logistic enterprises. Our headquarters are in Germany, we maintain two offices in Washington D.C. and in San Francisco and our partner network covers all continents.

With our elaborate services and with pulse.agheera – our innovative approach to logistics – we are able to support every company that relies on logistics.