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Alpha Rae Personnel

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A full-service staffing firm, Alpha Rae Personnel, Inc., offers job seekers and client businesses a number of services to help them succeed. For job seekers, the employment firm offers tips on résumé writing, suggestions on proper business apparel, and advice on how to conduct oneself during an interview. For businesses, Alpha Rae Personnel’s managed services provider division is prepared to hire and drug screen new employees, conduct background checks on vendors, prescreen all applicants, and schedule interviews and on-site tours of the business for prospective employees.

Alpha Rae Personnel is dedicated to providing the best customer service while meeting each client’s staffing needs. With seven specialized divisions, the firm has the flexibility to manage nearly any type of project. Alpha Rae Personnel pledges never to push unwanted résumés, recruit from a client to fill a position with another company, or misrepresent an applicant.

Founder and President Dr. Rae Pearson has run Alpha Rae Personnel, Inc., for 30 years. Dr. Pearson shares her expertise with new business owners in her books Entrepreneurship? Kingdom Building Keys and Customer Service? Recognizing, Educating, and Promoting.