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ARTconnectsLIFE – art connects people, creativity connects life!

ARTconnectsLIFE provides its services across the 7 art disciplines and its subcategories, inviting artists and creatives together with the public & private sector to participate in this remarkable initiative, amalgamating leisure, culture, food, business, entertainment and lifestyle with arts & design:

•        Visual & fine arts

•        Performing arts

•        Community arts

•        Literacy arts

•        Media & graphical arts

•        Creativity & design arts

•        Culinary arts


ARTconnectsLIFE is the mother initiative behind

·        ARTronomy – art & gastronomy touring

·        Pop-UP casa – innovative trends in flash retail

·        Fruit4Thought – passion for fruit! fruit with passion!

·        CebuARTSdistrict – creativity, design & passion inspired

·        Sugbo Creative Village – Center for the Arts & Design

·        CEBU Roadmap for the Arts & Creatives

·        CEBUwonderRainforest – Cebuano culture, creativity & arts

·        taste.CEBU – experience island flavors - arts & creatives lifestyle festival

·        @ARTpreneurs – weaving arts & creativity


ARTconnectsLIFE, together with ARTronomy focuses on the international initiatives in the creative, culture, arts, fashion, design and architecture sectors, combined with tourism, entertainment, leisure, wining, dining, gastronomy and shopping.


@ARTpreneurs – weaving arts & creativity

Artists from any of the 7 disciplines – established, famous, curious or starting – can participate and are encouraged to post their artwork, performance, art education, events, exhibits and shows on the @ARTpreneurs community (FB group).

Also events, expositions and other relevant information related to art may be posted in this group by members only.

Join the community and discover what the creativity sectors bring to the stage.

Whether you are an art lover, enthusiast or having an interest in creativity, culture, design and arts, we cover all disciplines from across borders.


ART connects people, creativity connects LIFE!

creativity and design, inspired with passion



ARTconnectsLIFE, in collaboration with ecoNOVATE, continues to assist artists, creative initiatives and groups in their entrepreneurial approach, realizing thriving communities

The integration with the business environment will be promoted in mutual respect and initiatives to the advantage at both ends of the spectrum.


For infrastructure and other creative initiatives, ARTconnectsLIFE collaborates with ViVaTicA and its partners under the umbrella of ecoNVERGE.




taste.CEBU / CebuARTSdistrict