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Über uns

Colors are the spirit of life. It is always amazing to see what effect simple colors and forms have.

Modern or abstract art is especially interesting as it enters the spirit of our imagination and triggers subconscious moods.

I was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany many, many years ago. My roots take me to Palestine.

Frankfurt is my hometown and whenever I have the time I spend it there.

Art has always been a passion of mine and practiced it as hobby but my dream was always to dedicate my time to this profession.

I started in the hotel business in 1980 in Jordan and this most rewarding as well as demanding profession took me across the Middle East.

My favorite Museum is "Museum für Moderne Kunst (Museum for Modern Art)" in Frankfurt, Germany. Modern and Abstract Art is in my view an Art form which inspires the imagination of the viewer.

What I see around me inspires me which I translate in my own way onto the canvas. My favorite tools is acrylic paint.