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Fundamentally changing the way automotive retail operates.

With hundreds of disparately connected devices and dealer management systems within a single manufacturer brand... undoubtedly, a lack of connectivity and scalability have become roadblocks for the automotive retail industry today. New streams of data are often underutilized or inaccessible due to traditional industry structures and silo’d operations – creating a pain every industry player knows too well. 

In response, we founded aureso (automotive retail solutions) to revolutionise the way automotive retail networks operate. By introducing a platform-based business model, aureso enables the industry’s first ecosystem to scale & connect operations across an entire retail chain. 

In the aureso ecosystem, four integrated solutions connect every stakeholder: OEM, dealer, customer, & car. Each one is connected by live streams of data that flow continuously from the initial lead, to prospect, customer, dealership, market, and finally onto the OEM. As a result, OEMs and retail dealers are able to access their global market and/or daily sales performance in real-time; customers are able to interact with the brand instantly, from any device. 

Most importantly, by transforming the retail network into an interconnected & flexible platform, we aim to give OEMs the scalable solution they need to holistically drive digitalisation, plug & play new technology, and lead revolutionary customer & workforce experiences on a global scale.

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