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Aurum Process Technology

Über uns

Founded in 2010, Aurum Process Technology is composed by engineers with extensive experience in the industry. We have advanced knowledge in thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and design optimization. We are passionate about pushing the limits of our technology, to ensure that our customers make real their plans of new developments, and they achieve innovative and differentiated products.

What we do
Aurum Process Technology uses their technologies in the design of production plants for the industry. In the same way, we use our technology to optimize the processes of our clients to get the best flavor and increase productivity. The company is continually evolving their technologies to achieve the best results. We use the most advanced tools of finite element simulation and we also use the most innovative materials and treatments.

Where we are
Aurum Process Technology is headquartered in Murcia (Spain).

Heat transfer, Heat exchangers, Thermal Process Technology, Aseptic process