awamo GmbH

About us

awamo GmbH is a fintech startup with operations in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) and Kampala (Uganda). We offer a comprehensive, mobile and easy-to-use microfinance management solution for microfinance institutions (MFIs) in emerging markets.

Our microfinance management software is user friendly, affordable and tailor made to the specific needs of MFIs. It features reliable biometric identification/authentication, is fully designed for mobile use and completely digitizes all stages of credit-, risk and portfolio management for MFIs. It is cloud based, secure and robust and boosts an MFIs productivity.

awamo's solution opens up the market for low-income borrowers by providing MFIs with suitable digital solutions to capture borrower data, monitor MFI operations in real-time, and generate credit reports. This dramatically decreases transaction cost, default risk and consequently interest rates. Thus, awamo's way of microfinance management fuels sustainable local economies and increases financial inclusion.

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