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Barco, s.r.o.

Über uns

Barco is a system integrator and developer in the field of barcode, RFID (radio-frequency identification), RTLS (Real-Time Locating), Wireless WiFi & Broadband, Warehouse Management & Online Inventory Systems.

We dispose of our own software & hardware development team that focuses on developing RFID, RTLS, on-line data collection, WMS and barcoding systems. Innovative potential of the company lies in the development of advanced niche IT solutions.

Among our key activities belongs development and manufacturing of RFID UHF antennas with ultra thin profile and esthetic design suitable for variety of RFID UHF applications:
- asset tracking applications
- RFID gate and interior door antenna, also enabling invisible installation into door frame
- smart rack, display cabinet, RFID smart shelf applications in retail, apparel and textile industry, IT industry or hospital applications
- document tracking, desktop, access control, security for military, government, library and commercial applications
- belt conveyor applications on manufacturing and production lines
- sport timing applications
- RFID UHF ground mat antenna applications