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Über uns

Belassi is a one-of-a-kind Austrian company, unique for its specialization in personal watercraft.


Driven by the idea of Manufaktur, the firm employs technicians as well as craftsmen, whose work involves only the most innovative and performance-enhancing materials. The result is a product that can be described as unique, excellent and elegant.

Even the developing  center in Linz can be described using these same words. In this building, which also hosts the Belassi’s headquarters, the staff carries out extensive and detailed research to create an outstanding product.


2017 is the year of Burrasca, an exclusive PWC ideated and created in Linz, with a project that, through its design and technical development, perfectly sums up the company’s vision.


Belassi is looking for talents with personality, energy and with a strong creative mind, people who are interested in making a difference in this field and who want to make their contribution to our innovative and unique project. Belassi’s strive for perfection and excellence can become a reality only if its team works in harmony; our ideal employees are dynamic and have an eye for beauty and design, they should be able to work alongside other people and yet retain their personality, because each individual’s contribution is substantial when sowing the seeds of the future