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As foreign exchange, or forex, evolves into a highly accessible, affordable, and lucrative financial sector for privately operating individuals, Bforex offers increased support to match the changing needs of traders. As the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC, ensures an increasingly protected and regulated market, Bforex leads the way in new, reliable, individual forex trading. Approved by both the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Bforex offers individual traders a competitive edge in the financial sector, which was once available only to large financial institutions.

Working as a partner with individual traders, Bforex makes a point of operating by its motto, “Trade Your Way.” Without charging commission, Bforex offers a selection of products modified to fit each individual client. Bforex supports both dedicated traders whose primary professional interests involve forex, as well as those who are looking to supplement their incomes.

Catering to a variety of financial backgrounds, Bforex provides support to those who are ready to risk and win large sums, as well as more cautious individuals interested in testing the waters with smaller financial commitments. At Bforex, the customer trades while the firm provides support, guidance, and cutting-edge forex technology.

Recently, Bforex launched its new platform, PROfit. Using PROfit, Bforex offers a variety of technical and trading services to customers. Knowing that each customer approaches Forex trading differently, Bforex made PROfit a flexible platform that customizes itself to each user. Customers input their levels of experience and other information, and PROfit adjusts to support their needs seamlessly and directly.

In addition to its customizable, client-directed software, Bforex offers the genuine guidance of a human account manager through its new program, “Forexperts.” A dedicated Forexpert develops comprehensive support for every Bforex customer. While providing a detailed trading history, the Forexpert enables traders to learn from what they have done while refining their market skills. Bforex provides wide market analysis combined with detailed trade expertise, and Forexperts work closely with individuals to develop a winning overall strategy.

In support of the customers that it views as partners, Bforex offers extensive educational materials to support traders in learning the nuances of foreign exchange. These include webinars; The Insider, an informational page at ; and guides geared specifically to each level of forex trader.