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About us

Bitmovin is a leading provider of video software and cloud infrastructure for online media companies and enterprises globally. Bitmovin technology innovations focus on video encoding, playback, and analytics around user experiences. Innovations include the co-authoring of the MPEG-DASH streaming protocol and the first commercial HTML5 MPEG-DASH player, as well as massively parallel cloud-native API-driven encoding, featuring the first commercial AV1 next-generation codec. Another feature is industry-leading transcode speed reaching 100 times real-time.
The Bitmovin Player runs on the widest array of compelling consumer devices, ranging from mobile handheld devices to large screen televisions fed by dongle devices or with native smart TV capabilities - providing a rich feature set with consistent UI’s and API’s.
Bitmovin is based in San Francisco, CA, USA and Klagenfurt, Austria and privately owned. Our investors include YCombinator (YC S15), Highland Europe, Atomico, SpeedInvest, Constantia Industries and Dawn Capital. For more information, please visit
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