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Bluebilities GmbH

Über uns

We offer value-based strategies for the recruitment and qualification of Indian high potentials: in dialogue with employers, universities and Indian students, graduates and post-docs. We redefine high-potentials as a perfect fit between an employer and the talents of a graduate.

Our work is value-based: Recruitment must be sustainable. For this to happen, the process must be anchored in the local value systems and social contexts of every employer. This includes individual qualification measures that fit the merits of the high potentials. 

We work ethnologically, systematically and multi perspectively: The focus of our work is the people with their individual abilities. We see people as part of a network of social relationships that influence their decisions and actions.

Where we work: We are based in Germany in the Science and Technology Park Berlin-Adlershof, Germany's largest technology park. Here we benefit from a network of more than 1000 technology businesses, over 6000 students on the Humboldt University's mathematical and natural sciences campus and six extra-university research centers. The International Start-Up Center provides an enthusiastic atmosphere that drives our multicultural teams to creativity.