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About us

Established in 2009, Boostability started with an idea that SEO services should be affordable to everyone in the small business marketplace. We want to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of the small business owner by supporting the local restaurant, the mom-and-pop shop, and the family medical practice with competitive SEO solutions. SEO for the small business marketplace. As a result, Boostability was created on one simple business model.

In the first year, a talented team formed to develop technology that would revolutionize the online marketing industry. The goal of this technology is to take a factory-line approach to SEO fulfillment. The key to this technology is to divide the workload among a group of specialists. As a result, we can deliver the highest quality of optimization available today at a margin of the cost.

By April 2010, Boostability had just over 13 employees - our first sales team and our executive team as it exists today. Within the first year, we had outgrown our first office with over 45 team members, and through the success of our focused small business product, we continued to double in size year after year.

Today, Boostability has 400+ Employees based in two offices across the Silicon Slopes of Utah and has its European headquarters in Berlin, Germany. So we have a physical presence in Montreal, Melbourne, and Sydney. With over 26,000 active clients throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and New Zealand, Boostability is recognized as one of  Inc. Magazine 's Fastest-Growing Companies four years in a row.

As part of our award-winning growth, Boostability has expanded its suite of products to include search engine marketing and mobile web design.

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