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We bring the IoT to life

At Bosch.IO, we offer a proven digital and IoT portfolio featuring sustainable IoT projects for all industries and ready-to-use IoT solutions for everything from crop monitoring to lift management to anti-counterfeiting. Additionally, we provide the Bosch IoT Suite, our domain-independent IoT platform.

Teaming up with our customers, we create groundbreaking AI-powered IoT solutions that transform businesses, enhance efficiency, and tap new revenue streams. We turn partner and supplier networks into a connected IoT ecosystem and tear down silos to create a truly connected world.

Bosch.IO has more than 900 experts across the globe working in digitalization and the IoT, and collaborates with 30,000 developers and AI experts from all over Bosch. Bosch builds and ships more than one billion devices (“things”) every year across all industries.

We have a team of consultants, cloud software developers, solution architects, project managers, UX designers, business model innovators, digital marketing and sales experts, and trainers, who work with our customers to create strategic ideas and put them into practice.

We have a worldwide presence, with locations in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Immenstaad, Stuttgart), Bulgaria (Sofia), Spain (Madrid), the United States (Mount Prospect), Singapore, China (Shanghai, Nanjing), and Japan (Tokyo).

Careers @ Bosch.IO

You're passionate about the IoT, too?

We live in a connected world in which innovative AI-powered IoT solutions help companies improve the quality of life and conserve natural resources. Therefore, we have created a team with the best possible skill set, devoted to enhancing the digital transformation – true to the motto “We bring the IoT to life”. At Bosch.IO, 900 experts located in seven countries on three continents work closely together with 30,000 IoT developers from all over Bosch.

The Bosch.IO team brings together the knowledge and expertise of specialists from throughout Bosch and beyond, putting the “I” and the “T” into the IoT. Our engineers, developers, and digital transformation specialists create groundbreaking AI-powered IoT solutions in an agile setting. Each and every day, we make a real difference to real people across a host of domains. We create a truly connected world, where data can be securely exchanged and responsibly used to create benefits on all sides.

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