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Boydak Strategy Consulting AG

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Top Management Consulting Made in Switzerland

Boydak is a Swiss strategy consulting firm helping leading companies across all industries to achieve scalable growth and to create true value.

In each of our competence areas and service lines we strive for a world-class standard and highest possible performance and have become a benchmark for innovative and high-class top management consulting made in Switzerland.

First-class strategy consulting

Among our clients are some of the largest and best-known companies across all industry sectors in Switzerland and throughout Europe. We assist these companies through their thoughest challenges and most demanding projects. With our expertise in the fields of strategy, innovation and business transformation, we enable companies in different industries to design their future.

We work for 20 percent of the Top 300 Swiss companies, among them:

  • 4 out of the largest 5 banks
  • 3 out of the largest 5 manufacturing groups
  • 3 out of the largest 5 energy companies
  • 3 out of the largest 5 health insurers
  • 3 out of the largest 5 logistics companies
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A career in management consulting

At Boydak Strategy Consulting, you are not only offered a job in management consulting. We offer a promising path for personal and professional growth. Our associates appreciate the challenges of top management consulting while knowing that everyone has a say during the project and will be able to contribute to a big thing. At Boydak Strategy Consulting your career is truly up to you.

Reviews of applicants and former as well as current employees are available on Kununu, where Boydak is ranked among the Top Companies

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What do we expect from future colleagues

You are expected to work on the most challenging problems for leading companies. This requires people who excel at the things they do - people who thrive in challenging situations and are ready to work closely with clients and colleagues.

Our work is almost exclusively project work and team-based. Generally speaking, we spend most of our time on the client site and meet Mondays for our office day. When we are out of office, we are fully engaged and work where ever our client needs us. This requires flexibility, a winning personality and joy in project work. As team work and excellence in what we do very much depend on team spirit, we seek sociable and socially savvy people. In a team we need everybody to bring in what it takes, depending on the individual skills and expertise. Lone wolves will, therefore, not be successful at Boydak Strategy Consulting.

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