About us

About us

Custom Software Development

We design, develop, integrate and maintain customized web and mobile applications for entrepreneurs, startups and established enterprises. Using Ruby on Rails and other related technologies we have created e-business and e-commerce systems, Web 2.0 solutions, SaaS / Cloud products, business process optimization tools and mobile solutions. If you need to translate your ideas into custom web or mobile applications, we are keen to provide you with assistance in your quest.

Web Application Development

We are passionate and diligent Engineers who leverage the power of the Web using the best technologies in programming software applications. Our teams have gained rich experience on multiple projects and have been programming with Ruby on Rails and applying Agile Development techniques since 2005. We use Ruby on Rails among others to develop solid software solutions rapidly. Agile practices allow our clients to flexibly implement the right software solutions.

Software Development Outsourcing
BSQuared is your outsourcing software development company. We have developed an efficient, results-driven nearshore / offshore software product development outsourcing process. Located in Munich, Germany we serve all of Europe as a near-shore provider, allowing fast visits from the client or on-site service with low travel costs. Our location even allows partial work-shift overlap with the eastern U.S. and Canada. We have delivered services to all these locations. 

Cloud Computing

We have developed a number of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, some of which were based on cloud computing. We have worked with cloud application platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Heroku, AppFog, EngineYard. The solutions ensure easily scalable server architectures, flexible hardware management, more failure-tolerant infrastructure and cost efficiency when dealing with heavy usage peak times. If you consider a SaaS and/or Cloud solution, BSQuared will allow you go make your vision a reality.

Mobile Solutions
Our team creates cost-effective cross platform mobile solutions as well as high-performance native applications. Using Sencha, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 - BSQuare provides applications and tools that are customized to meet your specifications. Our mobile web applications can run in the cloud and be deployed to touch devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our native programming competences cover iOS and Android. With cross platform technologies we are able to achieve full platform support including but not limited to BlackBerry and Windows Phone based devices.

Industry Expertise
Following a proven software development outsourcing process, we have developed web applications for healthcare, education / publishing, B2B services, real estate and retail / e-commerce. Our business is not only software development, but also business consulting. Our focus on service industries allows us to go beyond technology and provide valuable product and business insights to proactively co-create software solutions with our clients.

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