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Capitol International Services

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CIS is a leading supplier of highly specialised expertise in Electronics & IT Services, worldwide.

Our services are divided into four main categories:

  • Freelance Contractors
  • Business & Systems Consultants
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Professional Services

Whether you are looking for a consultant with a particular set of skills for a fixed period of time, or a partner to provide a customised solution to assist in the design, development and support of your entire program, CIS has the expertise and resources to deliver.

As a supplier of highly specialised skills, we invest a major portion of our resources in identifying and partnering with the very best engineers and consultants in each of our core technology areas, to ensure fast and effective delivery of services to our customers. Through our dedication to identifying and engaging with the top tier of engineers and consultants in our sectors, CIS is able to deliver exceptional talent to our customers, wherever they are.

We provide a comprehensive training program to each of our recruitment consultants, targeted towards one of our core markets. This enables our consultants to build up a thorough understanding of their specialist market and allows them to establish a large network of highly specialised engineers and consultants within their core market. By adopting this approach, CIS is able to deliver a fast and effective quality service to its customers, which has been paramount to the success and rapid growth of CIS over the past 12 years.